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Dirt Celebrity logo featuring crown, a D with horns and a C with a halo.


This story is about you and how you feel today. It’s about dressing in the moment whether than for the moment.


“I always feel that if you’re gonna be uncomfortable and unhappy in something, just because you think it’s in or it’s chic, i would advise you to be happy rather than well-dressed. “

                                  Iris Apfel

White girl with cropped pink tee (has ties on shoulders, pearl accents and ice cream skull) and lace cat ears in front of colorful background

Our story

Fashion and self expression always went hand in hand so why is there a need to follow trends?

We love being praised and complimented, but recently it requires us to dress the way other people want us to. Some of us, however, do not feel pressured by social norms for that one moment of admiration. It doesn’t feed a need for social acceptance. These people choose self-love, comfort, and originality over conformity. If this statement describes you; welcome to your tribe.

Dirty Celebrity was founded to redefine and recreate the boundaries of fashion by creating a variety of unique and sophisticated fashion accessories. We let you explore your true style, be original and rebellious, and walk with comfort and confidence.

about the founders

Eva and Yvette Estime, born in New York City and raised in Miami, are known for their matchless fashion sense. Moving to Miami at just 12 years old, the twin found the experience to be a culture shock. This experience leads the twins to embrace coping mechanisms that included anime and reading Fruit Magazine, a zine the focused on Japanese street fashion.

As they explored the fashions on the other side of the world, they felt that fashion in America lost the creative spirit that was retained on the streets of Harajuku. As the twins became older, they decided that they wanted to fill the gap of creativity missing from American fashion. Hence, Dirty Celebrity is an amalgamation of the NYC and Japanese street styles with a touch of the bold colors of Miami. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

The twin sisters started their fashion brand “Dirty Celebrity.” Since then, they have been rocking the fashion industry by launching playful assortments of unique, original, and exquisite accessories.

They take pride in their ideas and have truly reflected them in their masterpiece creations. Theses designs led to various awards including the Klarna Business Initiative and “Alternative Designer of The Year” by LUX magazine in the UK. They went on to win the UBS fellowship to join Luminary, a co-space working for women.

About our company

Dirty Celebrity helps everyone express themselves with attention grabbing statement pieces sure to spark a conversation. From the introvert who wants a conversation starter to the creative looking to express themselves through our accessories; we cater to all who love self expression.

We purposely design high-quality, sustainable, and unique fashion accessories that can shine in your wardrobe for years to come. Our winning assortment of product includes casual tees, handbags, sunglasses, hair accessories, hats, scarves, and timeless jewelry pieces.

Our Mission

“To Promote a Sense of Originality, Creativity, and Spontaneity in the Fashion Industry.”

We create fun accessories that are ageless, they grow with the wearer and overtime become part of thier story.

Our Values


We use premium quality materials to create fashion wear and accessories for men and women and promise a high degree of excellence.


We ensure to integrate biodegradable and environmentally-friendly materials to help humans as well as the planet.


We encourage our customers to dress their way and confidently rebel against social expectations and norms.


We offer an array of thoughtfully designed products and accessories to give our customers a huge pool of options to choose from and switch between styles.


We are committed to delivering what we promise by complying with the highest quality standards. Hence, we earn the trust of our customers by showing ultimate transparency.

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