This is a story about Dirty Celebrity and how it came to be.

Once upon a time there were twin sisters who wanted to start their own company but did not know where to start.


“Every brand’s story starts with an idea, a graving for something different and a dream of possibilities.”

                                  Yvette Estime



The brand is the brainchild of twin sisters, Eva and Yvette Estime of mixed heritage.

They were born in NY, moved to Miami at 12 years old and fell in love with alternative culture in their teens. As adults, they held on to their youthful spirit by embracing the Kawaii movement; a Japanese street style trend that allows the wearer to embrace their inner child.

They sought to create products that would embody fun, spark conversation and create a feeling of agelessness for their wearer. It took some time to get here. Each section of below how we fell in love with each part of our business today!

Twins woman smiling


Moving from New York to Florida was a big culture shock and feeling out of place made we gravitate towards the grunge and alternative scene of the time.

The pull was initially for a feeling of belonging then turned to a love of imperfection; tortured seams, ripped fabrics and of course, creating something unique.

This love of imperfection drew the twins to creative expression that are in their designs today.


We all have to grow up but the idea of changing who we are as we do seems to be en-grained into our society.

In my 20s, the Miami club scene’s fun and vibrate culture, draw us to sparkle. We came to love the drag scene, endless parties and youth culture that became part of our late nights and early mornings.


As we grew beyond the club scene, the call of adult-ing took hold. We added a new level of maturity to our items.

So now we know who we are is what we do

We create fun accessories that are ageless, they grow with the wearer and overtime become part of thier story.

Fashion is all about expressing that side of Yourself that makes you unique and any given day you could be any one of these personas….explore your many sides..

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