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This is a story about you and how you feel today. It’s about dressing in the moment whether than for the moment.


“I always feel that if you’re gonna be uncomfortable and unhappy in something, just because you think it’s in or it’s chic, i would advise you to be happy rather than well-dressed. “

                                  Iris Apfel

Let’s choose mood over trends

We invite you to skip the trends and explore your own personal style. In a world full of people telling you what to wear, how to wear and why to wear, we want you to make that decision. Today’s society has become a clique of sorts, we seem to mark ourselves by aesthetic rather than our true personalities in a futile attempt to find our tribe.

Clothes and accessories were never meant to be a way in to a group but an expression of you. We should dress the way we feel rather than to fit into a group. Let’s choose self love.

So we invite you to explore fashion in three moods rather than styles – Glitter , Glam and Gloom.

White girl with cropped pink tee (has ties on shoulders, pearl accents and ice cream skull) and lace cat ears in front of colorful background


Life can be hard sometimes. That’s when we wear black, metal adornments and combat boots. It’s how we show the world what inner strength means. It’s fashion that makes a statement about who we are and how we feel about life. And when our wardrobe speaks for us, we don’t have to say a word. It says: “I’m focused, I’m strong and I am ready to take on the world!”

It’s the rebel yell that we yearn to scream  out load without making a sound.


Sometimes, a little sparkle goes a long way! Show the world your smile with bright colors, fun details and sweet adornments like lace, trim and glitter!

Sometimes just a smile is not enough and we need a bright colorful outfit to express our love for the world, a dream fulfilled or  ourselves.

We know that feeling and you will find the sweetest selections for your happy moments.


Having a diva moment? Bursting with confidence at the seams and you just want all eyes on you? We have the statement pieces that will turn heads and have people wondering even after you left the room.

So now we know who you are is what we do

We create fun accessories that are ageless, they grow with the wearer and overtime become part of thier story.

Fashion is all about expressing that side of Yourself that makes you unique and any given day you could be any one of these personas….explore your many sides..Choose self love over Conformity.

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