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Working with Dirty Celebrity

Through all the incarnations, we have played well with others and we continue to seek out new and fun ways to collaborate with like-minded individuals.

We have participated in runways shows, editorials, and music videos making us a versatile brand that embraces every art form and visual outlet.


In this regard, we are looking for new ways to collaborate that push the limits of creativity and create unique experiences for our customers. Above, we have included some of the works we have done in the past and here are some of the things we hope to do in the future:

  1. Pop-up collaborations – if you are looking for a brand to feature in a temporary store setting, we love to be considered, just drop us the details.
  2. Editorials – We need a pull order and budget if you are submitting a pull request from items in our store. However, if we like the concept, we just might collaborate with you.
  3. Press – We always love to explain our vision to the masses. You can download our press kit here and contact us if you have any questions. You can also read our blog here to get a feel for our brand.


Secondly, we believe collaboration is the life blood of the industry. If you would like to design with us on a product; please contact us with the following information:

  • Project specifications –what are we designing, core customer, budget, and aesthetic.
  • Who will handle production & distribution
  • Will cost be shared?
  • Will sales be shared?



Thirdly, if you are a stylist and have a pull request and budget then contact us on your idea. As always, if we love your idea, we’ll allow you to rent pieces for a certain amount of time without a pull request. All you need to do is return it to us after the time expires. Rental cost will be 20% of the total cost of the pull or $100 depending which is greater.

Please note that even though we want to make connections within the fashion industry, we must consider our own brand aesthetic before agreeing to certain projects.


We do work with artistic photographers as well as fashion photographers; it just depends on the projects. Please include the following information about your project for consideration:

  • Concept – what you want to convey to your audience
  • Will it be submitted for publication, installation or other media outlet?
  • Ownership of images – can we use the images in our own social accounts? Are there restrictions?

Lastly, Dirty Celebrity appreciates everyone’s interest and will answer any correspondent received. Please allow 2 days to receive a response. Please use the contact form below.

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