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Want to connect with Dirty Celebrity? Feel free to contact us at your convenience and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you.

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Connect with Dirty Celebrity

Looking to connect with Dirty Celebrity? We are always seeking new connections within the fashion industry. We love to hear from our customers (we know you are great and you can slide into our DMs anytime on social) but also want to hear from others as well. Additionally, we are a highly collaborative brand and love to connect with the following industry movers and shakers:


We do take pull request. If you need anything from our store let us know and we can work something out. However, we do charge a percent of product for pulls.


You love a look from one of our photo shoots? If so we can and will put you in touch with the MUA who created the look.  However, rather the MUA wants to tell his or her secrets will be up to their discretion.


Working on a magazine pull and want to use some of our items? We can work a pickup locally or a drop ship anywhere in the world. We are always looking for image.


Want Dirty Celebrity to appear in your movie or create a concept? We can create commission pieces for a fee so reach out to us. Also, We love to help.


Want to do a story on our brand? We can forward press releases and press kits on our brand story and our products. Images will be provided.

If we haven’t included you in the above categories, drop us a line any way because we are open 24/7 for opportunities.  We don’t discriminate; you don’t need a huge following or big connections. All you need is an idea and the will to back it up. That’s how we got here and that’s how we move forward.



Praise or critics, we want to hear from you so don’t be shy.

So fill out the form to the left and we will get back to you after the beep or whatever sound an email makes (does it make a sound)?

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