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Mint Market and Me

That time I became a textile artist and created a window display for a local store on Grove Street. I can not say it wasn’t my intention to do the windows. I was actually interacting with Valerie, the store owner of Mint Market, because she allowed me to market in front of her store on summer weekends. I approached her… Read More »Mint Market and Me

Qouted in Scary Studies Magazine

We always strive to create the best content. By The Edgy Enthusiast Scary Studies asked us for a qoute on Goth Swimwear and we were happy reading the results. Here is a link to the article!! Suicidely yours, TEE

Closeup of owner with purple hair and large bow with studs

Gather 2022 and me

Being invited to Meta’s networking event was one of the best things to happen to me this year and this is how it turned out. Dirty Girl Running a business is never easy and I like to treat this blog as a diary of sorts to explain that it really isn’t just running ads and making things. When I was… Read More »Gather 2022 and me

Luxury is a marketing scam

For centuries, we have accepted the idea that luxury applied to certain brands and not others. This idea is solely based on elitism but can luxury be found in mid priced brand? There is no sense covering the fact that I am a budding fashion designer but unlike other designers now, I wanted more people to wear my pieces. Like… Read More »Luxury is a marketing scam

Summer trends to add to your Gothic wardrobe

However, there are new clothes trends that all alternatives can fit into thier wardrobe and still consider themselves anti-trendy. Minimalism The perfect trend for alternatives who hate the layering idea that somehow creeped into the warmer months. Think black tube top with biker shorts and possibly a leather jacket thrown over? Sounds nugoth…maybe but def cool and black. Check out… Read More »Summer trends to add to your Gothic wardrobe

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