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Dollskill and me: should copy-cating be the ultimate flattery?

How we meet When I meet the reps from DollsKill at London Edge in Las Vegas and they took my card; I thought – “I finally got my first wholesale account”…instead I got something else. That something..a series of knockoffs of my designs. As an ethic owned brand, this is nothing new and the fact that no one stands up… Read More »Dollskill and me: should copy-cating be the ultimate flattery?

Marika magazine – November 2020

So excited, our feather collars published this November featuring a team of Latino fashion team. Marika Magazine is a photography magazine featuring fashion, photo story, artist’s story, and conceptual editorials. We loved the authenticity of the magazine and the fact they did not seek to define fashion rather look for creatives that push the envelope. We first meet the magazine… Read More »Marika magazine – November 2020

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