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Hello world!

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Welcome to Dirty Celebrity!

We hand craft all our items and they are made to order. We believe that craftsmanship is dead in the fashion industry and as creators we want to bring it back. My twin sister and i create all the products by hand and source all materials locally within the tristate area. That means when you buy from us; you are supporting a local community of suppliers and makers!

Some items will take 2-3 days to ship out because of this fact. If you need your item sooner, please contact us here. We love to hear from our customers.

Next, we focus on sustainability. This means we will minimize waste as much as possible! We do not have deadstock (unused fabric from past seasons). We use Sendle to minimize our carbon footprint (see shipping here).

What to aspect from our blog

I know you are thinking that this will be just a typical sales focused fashion blog but nope! We want to provide usable content to our customers. So this fashion blog will feature 3 things:

  • Style files – new trending styles and how to wear them
  • Open Calls for stylists, models and photographers
  • Shout out to our customers


We are on social media and we offer different viewpoints on each platform.

So stop by our tik tok @dirty_celebrity where we discuss our problems with the fashion industry, our Instagram (@dirty_celebrity) for product drops and our products on people or Facebook for coupon codes and giveaways.

Finally, styles change by mood and so does ours. So, we discontinue items which will appear in the last chance section of our page. All items have limited qualities so most items will sell out. We do not have sales in the same ways the fashion industry does. We believe that promotes hauls which is far from being sustainable.

Thanks for stopping by our website and supporting a BIPOC and woman owned small business.

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