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Handbag Trends you need now for spring

It’s finally Spring (at least the flowers on the trees say so) and it is time to thing about the seasonal outfit. Because of corvid-19 restrictions, we hesitated to buy but now it’s time to proceed with caution. And our top priority – a new handbag. Okay, it’s been a while since we needed a new bag. We probably lived by pockets and key chains desperate to not have another thing to spray with sanitizer or worst throw in a plastic bag. So what exactly should we buy? Fear not! We collected some handbag trends that have staying power and will go from season to season. Of course, we do have that stimulus check right?

The Bucket bag

Who doesn’t love a Straw bag? However, this season, we ditch the tote for more streamline bucket bag! Handheld with a straw string closure makes it easy to carry.

feather details

feather bag front
feather bag front

According to Cosmopolitan, fluffy textures add a cute feel to any bag! Texture plays a big role in clothing this Spring.


green straw bag
green straw bag

Next, the biggest handbag trend this season – bold colors! The brighter, the better! Think pink, blues and neons.

Of course, in the end, use your best judgement on what to buy. Remember, the best way to decide whether you want it or not – price, cost per wear and your own personal style.

All the bag images sold here and handmade by local NJ artisans. Check them out here.

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