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Hats NOW TRENDING – What to Buy now

It’s spring and hat season usually is over by now. However, with the 90’s roaring back, hat season is all year long and these are the 2021 hat trend we are most excited about!

By Yvette E

The hat, once an accessory to keep your head warm, now is Spring’s go to trend. And not just your standard baseball cap but more chic styles! Excited? So Let’s talk hats and the trends that are on everyone’s minds and heads.

Buckets Hats: Go-TO 2021 Hat Trend

Woman smoking with tattoo on shoulder wearing black bucket hat

The return of the 90’s also means the return of the bucket hat. It’s versatility relates to the materials in which the hat can be made. Denim, cotton, lace or chiffon, the sky is the limit. We added this style to our current hat offerings. Check out our bucket hats here.


Women wearing purple eyeshawdow with braids wears leopard pring bucket hat in gray and black
mean motherf*er beret front

This french inspired hat first appeared late last summer. It allows for easy hair styling and it’s able to be worn with any hair length.Our berets are created from scrap fabric and all are hand sewn locally!! Check out our beret styles with an alternative twist!

Baseball caps – oversized

Flat back baseball caps still standard street style trend. It’s not mainstream like the others but it’s worth adding to your wardrobe. Causal dresser find this hat easy to style with jeans and even sweat pants! We offer a selection of dad hats right now but these flatbacks launch April 1st!

For styling tips on how to wear any of these hat styles, check out our Instagram @dirty_celebrity .

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