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Mint Market and Me

That time I became a textile artist and created a window display for a local store on Grove Street.

I can not say it wasn’t my intention to do the windows. I was actually interacting with Valerie, the store owner of Mint Market, because she allowed me to market in front of her store on summer weekends.

I approached her with the concept of crocheted heads after seeing a video of her previous windows with the Daisy Heads and the artist behind it.

It took a few weeks to coordinate our schedules as we both prepared to change seasons but in the end it was a lovely experience.

The video of the making of the heads (each one taking about 12 hours) is on our Tik Tok (@dirty_celebrity) and you can check out more images of the heads at Mint Market’s blog!

Lesson learned, opportunities do not just happen, you have to look for them.


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