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Perfect the curated Ear look without piercings

The curated ear has been slowly trending but what if you are a little skirmish about adding those extra holes? We got you covered.

By Yvette E

We will refer to this guide when talking about the ear and earring alternative placements.

The curated ear trend sits between conventional and the alternative community. It is seen has a way to add some edge with possibly the only acceptable form of body piercing, the ear.

However, navigating away from the ear lobe into uncharted waters leaves some novice dog-paddling in the shallow end. The simple solution, add non-piercing styles to your ear collection.

With several earring alternatives to choose, with newer styles everyday, piercings are optional.


Picture of earcuff

The particular earring is simple bent onto the ear area known has the helix and does not need any piercing. Because it requires no piercing, you can add a number of these to the helix area in a variety of thickness. Elaborate styles like dragons, areas that wrap around the ear inserted into the lobe add to their charm. Stacking this type of earring establishes the same look without the holes.

ADVANTAGES: small enough to stack, various widths make it easy to customize


Ear hanger sits behind the ear.

Next, the ear hanger sits behind the ear and over the front. It sometime features accents that dangle over the front of the ear or behind the ear. Because the location differs so much from the ear cuff, adding both creates a curated ear affect.

Then, we created a new form of ear hanger called the shield that sits on top of the ear. Pairing the shield with a more traditional ear hanger adds an edgy look. Shop Shield looks now.


Finally, the ear pin uses the traditional piercing hole and extends over the ear. If you already have one ear piercing (like most people); it’s a great way to add some edge to your earring collection. We add new styles to our earring collections every day so check them out.


You do not need more piercings to get a curated ear and we offer some great alternatives. Check out our various earrings styles in our earring section.

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