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Handmade hats are made to order with unique details including lace, studs, and fuzzy materials. All hats are made to order with unique designs created by Dirty Celebrity; each hat has a personal touch.

First, Dirty Celebrity products are handcrafted in the USA with extreme attention to detail. All designs are based on various Japanese and American street styles with unique colors, materials and prints. From Lolita, Goth, Rock to punk, our hats can fit many styles. You won’t find any hats like ours anywhere else.

Secondly, when it comes to authentic styles and quality materials look no further than our hats. All materials are purchased locally which are eco-friendly and are made to order for zero waste production.

Also, the designs are bespoke and customizable so even if they are not your style; it can be alternated to your taste making them both functional and versatile. With a focus on fit and unique styles; they will complement anyone’s outfit.

Finally, we create a variety of designs: from baseball caps to berets, and beanies to top hats. We have one for every occasion. All products are designed in house by twin sisters Yvette and Eva and sewn by a dedicated team of makers.

We create them in two sizes instead of using the standard one size fits most. This way, you can enjoy our hats no matter the head size.

In other words, our designs are unique, handcrafted, bespoke works of art that will enhance any outfit and turn heads.