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Sunglasses, officially the forgotten accessory, have seen a rise in demand over the years.  In fact, people wore blanks (non prescription) glasses to appear smart and cultured.

With the right pair of sunglasses, one can achieve the same look. Also the variety of shapes and colors gives it a versatility that glasses can not. From Kittys to Cats and all the shapes in between; they add a flare to any outfit style.

At Dirty celebrity, our hand decorate sunglasses feature unique and one of a kind details. First, we decorate them with a frosting like substance. Then we embed various items in a chosen theme.

  • Hot pink transparent sunnies with handmade resin accents

    Pill Mill Yumi Kawaii Sunnies

  • frosted pink sunnies with frosting detail

    The Doctor is in – Yumi kawaii Sunglasses (pink)

  • cottage core sunglassses

    Garden party

  • dark butterfly sunnglasses

    Midnight in the garden

  • skull sunnies

    Midnight run

  • donut care sunnies

    Bows before Bros

  • rocking horse sunnies

    The Nursery

  • ice cream sunnies

    Ice Cream Parlor

  • eat dessert sunnies

    Treat yourself sunnies

  • unicorn sunnies

    Unicorn Picnic Sunnies