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Alternative hand jewelry live here. Dirty celebrity creates the most unique bracelets in the world. The variety is limitless.

Bracelets don’t just decorate the wrist but here, the decorate the hand and fingers together. Dirty celebrity creates slave, hand cuffs, finger fringe and other unique designs. These designs are unique to our website only.

If you don’t wear these pieces, you are missing out. Each one is a work of art and will enhance any outfit. Especially, during the summer, when short sleeves are in style.

During the winter, we create unique designs that fit over gloves so we can wear them all year around.

  • Green acryilic bracelet with yellow and green spikes and bow in center.

    Lemon Lime resin cuff with bow

  • Front view of glitter infused resin cuff with rainbow spikes and mint green bow in center

    Glitter and Gloom resin cuff with bow

  • pink safety pin bracelet

    Pink safety Pin bracelet

  • Brass cuff resembling a honey comb with brass bee.

    Sweet as Honey Bee Cuff

  • Hammered brass cuff with brass beetles and cicada.

    Fly away brass cuff

  • Studded brass cuff with brass fabricated orchid.

    Thorned Orchid Cuff

  • Hammered brass cuff with brass bee.

    Never Bee Have Cuff

  • Copper cuff bracelet with spider web to cover hand and spider with skull bottom.

    Spider web Slave cuff

  • yellow stretch bracelet

    Stacking safety Pin bracelet