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Necklaces handcrafted and made to order from Dirty Celebrity. Adorn your neck with unique items. Each piece is made to order. Crafted by the simple love for individualism, art and poetry. All pieces are inspired by Japanese street fashion  including fairy kei, Lolita and Kawaii.

Each necklace will say something about you from the time you put it on to the time you take it off. It will scream, “I’m here” when you enter a room. It will whisper “remember me” when you leave.

Finally, remember to share all your adventures with our necklace with #dirtycelebrity and you could be featured on our page.

  • Y2K style rhinestone necklace with "vile" words.

    Custom Y2K letter necklace

  • Y2K fashion rhinestone necklace with the word sick

    Y2K fashion jewelry – SICK rhinestone necklace

  • Y2K style rhinestone necklace with "vile" words.

    Y2K necklace – Vile rhinestone word necklace

  • Y2K rhinestone necklace with rhinestone words spelling "glam".

    Y2K crystal necklace – GLAM

  • View of faux pearl and gold chain necklace with gold heart shaped padlock on mannequin.

    Love at first Sight Gold padlock necklace

  • Pink heart shaped padlock with resin bows, faux pearls and pink beads. Key attached to lock with rhinestone chain.

    Pink Padlock with pearls and pink bows

  • Close of black resin popsicle pendant infused with glitter.

    Melting Popsicle Black resin Pendant

  • Hanging view of silver heart shaped padlock necklace with silver chain and spiked rhinestone chain.

    Toxic Relationship Heart Padlock

  • Closeup of black resin soft serve ice cream pendant infused with glitter

    Soft serve ice cream resin pendant

  • Hanging view of glitter infused black resin scooped ice cream pendant with black rhinestone chain on right and black chain on left.

    Glitter Scoop Black Resin Ice Cream Pendant