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Swarm is the collective moment of flying insects but it can also mean a large group moving aimlessly.

This series is about the collective mind of humanity, the acceptance of the status quo vs those who resist it.

Each flower and bug in the collection has its own meaning.

Orchid represents sexual identity and the gender fluid movement.

Daisy represents innocence and purity but in this case our ignorance in believing that things have changed.

Rose represents our strong emotions that draw us to protest.

Leaf can mean to turn over pages of a book. Here we want our efforts not to be in vain.

There are 4 bugs in the collection,

butterfly, beetle, spider and scarab.

Butterflies represent transformation.

Beetles represent hard work and progress.

Spider represents patience and aggression.

Scarab represents rebirth and our hopes for the future.

Using these symbols, we created the Swarm collection which hold their own meanings.