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preppy Y2K crochet headband worn by mannequin with pink hair

Turquoise Preppy Y2K crochet glitter headband


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This preppy Y2K crochet headband takes it back to 90s teen fashion movies like Heathers. So Y2K with a firm foot in today’s fashion, this headband gives Y2K vibes but the shimmer infused into the yarn makes it perfect for any party.  A true gem to add to any hair adornment collection.


The preppy Y2K crochet headband features:

  • glass pearl accents down middle
  • shimmering embroidery thread throughout yarn
  • 2 inch thick band making it a great replacement for earmuffs
  • thickness makes it suitable for all hair types


LENGTH: 14.25 inches (36cm) x 2 Inches (6cm) by 6 inches (15cm)

WEIGHT: 2.9 oz (82g)

Weight2.9 oz
Dimensions14.25 × 2 × 6 in