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Sustainable fashion is at your fingertips with dirty celebrity

What is sustainability?

  • In fashion, it is the question on everyone’s mind. Here we define sustainable
    fashion as creating designs that avoid the depletion of natural resources hence
    maintaining balance between humans and our planet. 


By embracing this definition and incorporating these three key factors below we created a sustainable brand.


Biodegradable (meaning products return to nature)

First, we use 3D printed fibers made from corn that break down over time. We strive to use natural and organic fibers as much as possible iand avoid materials that are not recyclable such as Spandex and polyester blends. This helps to avoids the depletion of natural resources and can give back to our planet over time.

Our 3d printer creates each piece with precise detail for even less waste. Furthermore, all designs are printed on demand.

Made to order

Secondly, our products are made to order by local artisans and not massed produced. Mass production uses a lot of water and can create a large amount of waste. We also create custom orders so contact us if you want something unique and special.

It does mean that our products take time to create and ship.

Quality not quantity

Lastly, not only are things made to order but after a certain amount is sold, it’s discontinued. How is this sustainable? We like to focus on discontinuing products that require a lot of resources. Plus it ensures only a few people will have the piece you love.

By creating low quantity and high quality items, we create beautiful unique items that are kept in your personal collection for years to come.

We strive to create a unique user experience that does not sacrifice the quality of our products, harm the earth or dissatisfy our customers.

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